Our Mission

Enrich the community with Broadway-quality productions, preserve musical theatre as a unique American art form and expose people of all ages and backgrounds to the excitement of musical theatre.

Our Vision

We believe that the arts provide enrichment of the soul and that Musical Theatre, a uniquely American art form, should be preserved and nurtured. We aim to reach and educate new people through our productions and outreach programs because the arts contribute to intellectual development and creative thinking. Through the opportunity to experience and appreciate the arts, the next generation of artists will be cultivated and trained.


Musical Theatre West is seeking opportunities to partner with corporations who are committed to the arts and education as much as we are. These sponsorships provide MTW with much-needed funding to further our mission while offering unique marketing opportunities for the corporations that sponsor us. If your company or employer is looking for ways to reach into the community, consider our mission and vision for the future; we may be just what you need and you might be just what we need. If you think we might be a good fit, please contact our administrator, Kate at (562) 856-1999 ext. 229 or kate@musical.org.

Additionally, many companies will match donations of their employees to charitable organizations. Companies such as GE, Johnson & Johnson, BP, Boeing, Disney, Kimberly-Clark, and Microsoft all offer very generous matching programs. Please consider looking into your company’s charitable giving policies to see if matching donations are a possibility.