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Thank you to all who auditioned for Newsies & Ain’t Misbehavin’! Offers will be sent out by mid-May. See below for audition information for our Summer Education Tour!


Musical Theatre West is holding auditions for the upcoming non-union educational tours of  ‘Ronna Llama’s Moving Day’ & ‘Ready Player Three’

Audition Information:

Auditions: Wed, May 22th from 11am-1pm

Auditions and Rehearsals will be held at the MTW rehearsal hall:

4350 E 7th Street, Long Beach, CA 90804

To make an audition appointment, please email with your headshot, resume, and desired window of time for your audition.

Preparation: Please prepare a 16-32 bar vocal selection, either classic or contemporary musical theatre. When attending an audition, please ensure that you bring a physical copy of your headshot & resume.

Note: Please emphasize in your resume if you are fluent in another language. These touring shows are for schools and students in TK-8th grade in Long Beach. Many of our students’ first languages are not English. Actors who are Spanish, Khmer, and/or Tagalog speaking are highly encouraged and a cast asset to connect with young audience members.

Production Notes:

Anticipated rehearsal schedule: July 15-19 & 22-26 (Monday-Friday, 4-10pm), Saturday July 27 10am-3pm. Tour performance schedule: July 29-Aug 2, 2024 (7am-4pm)

These two 30-minute shows will be rehearsed and performed in rep (those who are cast will be performing in both). Actors cast as Alex will also perform as Ronna Llama, Harper as Mama Llama, Lance as Nico Llama, and Man 1 as Hoppy Kangaroo. 

All Actors are signed as Assistant Stage Managers (ASMs) and will be required, as such, to lift scenery and sound equipment during daily load-in and load outs. All Actors participate in assembling and disassembling the set at each venue and school at which they perform.

Non-Union contract information: $18.00/hour for rehearsal, $120 per performance day not to exceed $600/week for performances.

There is no gas stipend. Must be a local hire.

If you choose to continue on the Fall ‘24 and Spring ‘25 Educational Tours, cast members will receive a pay raise each leg returned for.

Vaccination Information:

All company members must be Fully Vaccinated for COVID-19 by the start of the rehearsal process, or have a bona fide Health or Religious exemption. (Anyone with a medical or religious exemption from vaccination should email with “Vaccination exemption” in the subject line and attach proof of exemption in advance of their appointment. Information provided will be kept confidential.)

Anyone with symptoms of COVID, flu, or any other infectious disease that can be transmitted by casual contact should not attend auditions.

Everyone participating in the auditions is encouraged to wear a two-ply cloth face mask, surgical mask, singer’s mask or respirator (N95, KN95 or KF94).

Ronna Llama’s Moving Day


Ronna Llama is content on her llama farm, living with her Mama Llama, and brother, Nico Llama. Ronna’s life is wonderful until Hoppy Kangaroo delivers a letter from her Papa Llama. He writes that they must move to another farm down the road, and Ronna confides that she’s scared of change and anything that’s new. She seeks the advice of the other three to ease her fears, and in the end, Ronna comes to realize that she’ll be happy going anywhere her family is because they are her home. for Grades TK-3rd grade

Character Descriptions:

RONNA LLAMA- Lovable, but terrified of moving away from home. Scared of change and trying new things. She has a big heart. Vocal Range  Bb3 – E5

MAMA LLAMA- Mother of Ronna and Nico. Warm but honest. Southern. Vocal Range  Bb3 – D5

NICO LLAMA- Ronna’s brother. Fearless. The opposite personality of Ronna. Latino. Vocal Range Bb2 – E4

HOPPY KANGAROO- Very outgoing with a forceful personality. He’s known to bellow out things. Australian. Vocal Range  Bb2 – D4

Ready Player Three


Former best friends, intelligent Alex, take-charge Lance, and Princess Harper have become best enemies trying to win (or just survive) the 8th-grade social “game”. But when they find themselves pulled into a ‘90’s educational video game, transformed into avatars that are their diametric opposites, they must find a way to literally survive and win by working together and discovering their true selves before it’s “game over” for good. The Breakfast Club meets JumanjiReady Player Three is a fun, half hour musical ideally suited for grades 4-8.

Character Descriptions:

ALEX – Female, 18+ to play early teens. Very smart. Vocal Range G3-E5

HARPER – Female, 18+ to play early teens. A pretty, popular princess. Vocal Range G3-F5

LANCE – Male, 18+ to play early teens. Jock. Vocal Range B2-G5

MAN 1 – Male, 18+ to play early teens – thirties. Plays everyone else including: Bully, Teacher, Narrator, Damsel, Bard, Fairy, Guard, Child, Villager, Troll, Village Lad, and Student. Vocal Range D3-A4