How You Can Help

Musical Theatre West is committed to keeping the art of musical theatre alive by producing quality shows. Only 75% of our costs are supported by ticket sales, leaving us with a 25% funding gap.  We are reaching out to you, our most valued assets, to support MTW’s mission by giving what you can.  Please consider some of the following ways to contribute, but remember that some of the simplest things you can do are some of the most far-reaching: spread the word and pass it on.  Spread the word about what you love about MTW to your friends, bring them to a show, or share how much you enjoyed a show through social media, email, or just good old-fashioned word of mouth.  And pass the arts on to the next generation by bringing grandkids, nieces, nephews, and their friends to the theatre.  It’s these small gestures that keep musical theatre alive, not just for MTW, but for generations to come.

General Donations – To maintain and elevate the quality of musical theatre, we depend on additional financial support above and beyond the price of the tickets purchased for our productions.  We have several options to make it possible for you to support our organization.  On the righthand side of this page, there is a donate button where you can select the amount you would like to give.  You could also use our Donor Pledge Form.pdf to send a donation to Musical Theatre West at 4350 E. 7th Street, Long Beach, CA 90804.  Or you are welcome to call Kate Luhr at 562-856-1999 x229 to process your donation over the phone.

Producer’s Club – The Musical Theatre West Producer’s Club is a group of our most valuable patrons, whose annual donations support many of our most vital programs and projects. In return for their generosity, Producer’s Club members are allowed “behind-the-scenes” access to Musical Theatre West, including invitations to meet-the-cast functions and cast parties; special parties and gatherings with staff and artists; advance notice and previews of upcoming shows and special events; and exclusive use of the Producer’s Lounge off the Carpenter Center lobby.  Membership is $2,000 annually.  If you’re interested in joining, please contact Kate Luhr for further information at

Sponsorship – Musical Theatre West is seeking sponsorship to help underwrite the enormous up-front costs of staging a production.  This includes royalties, set and costume rentals, and operational costs among other large expenses.  Depending on your level of sponsorship, perks of being a sponsor can include recognition from the stage plus listings in various print media including programs and direct mail pieces.  Sponsors may also receive the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets for the show they help underwrite.  There are opportunities to sponsor the season, shows, and youth performances.  Please contact Kaitlyn for further information at 562-856-1999 x229 or

Corporate Giving – Musical Theatre West is seeking opportunities to partner with corporations who are committed to the arts and education as much as we are.  These sponsorships provide MTW with much-needed funding to further our mission while offering unique marketing opportunities for the corporations that sponsor us.  Additionally, many companies will match donations of their employees to charitable organizations.   Please consider looking into your company’s charitable giving policies to see if matching donations are a possibility.  If you’re interested in a partnership, please contact Kate Luhr for further information at 562-856-1999 x229 or

Program Advertising – Print advertising is a great way to promote your business and show the community that you support Musical Theatre West.  MTW programs go directly into the hands of over 60,000 patrons a year as well as students who attend our education and outreach performances. The MTW demographic is typified by affluent cultural leaders in the community.  Please contact Matt Terzigni for further information at

Auction Items – Our annual fundraiser, Broadway in the Park, has become one of Southern California’s most popular fundraisers with over 500 attendees yearly.  A large part of the evening’s proceeds come from the silent and live auction and that’s where your help is needed.  We are seeking donated items for our silent or live auctions such as hotels, flights, event tickets, art work, etc.  The success of this fundraiser is the direct result of the support we receive from the business community in the provision of quality, highly-desirable items to auction. Please contact Kaitlyn for further information at 562-856-1999 x229 or

In-kind Donations – Musical Theatre West has numerous operational and fundraising activities that utilizes common, day-to-day resources.  We also need special items such as charming spaces to hold fundraisers, technology (computers, laser printers, iPads, etc.), or warehouse space (costume, set storage).  We would be happy to accept donations of any of the items on our Wish List (Coming Soon!) which includes various office supplies, food service materials, and other miscellaneous items. Please contact Kaitlyn for further information at 562-856-1999 x229 or

Footlighters – Founded in 2001, the Footlighters number several hundred strong and provide crucial financial support for Musical Theatre West through their activities, including luncheons, Opening Night dinners, and other special events. The Footlighters also sponsor a scholarship program which each year awards five $1,000 scholarships to high school students looking to continue their education in the arts.  Please click here for more information.

Guild – With over 200 members, the Guild are truly the “worker bees” of Musical Theatre West. Each year the Guild donates over $300,000 in man-hours through their volunteer activities. Guild members work as ushers at performances, run the lobby Gift Booth, provide assistance backstage and at auditions and rehearsals, and lend clerical assistance at the administrative offices. Musical Theatre West truly could not operate without the incredible support the Guild provides. Please click here for more information.